Local Workshops

Health and Wellness Classes Offered

These classes are 50 minutes in length, but can be tailored to a longer or shorter overview if requested.

Local WorkshopsDivorce Recovery Groups

This group will provide a 4-week supportive educational class for individuals who are coping with marriage or relationship break-up. With or without children.

Setting Margins

How to provide buffer and cushion within a stressful life. This class will discuss the difficulties of overloaded, stress-filled lives and offer suggestions for change.

Women in Mid-life

Helpful hints for a time of change. Women in mid-life are often faced with challenges including role changes, physical and emotional changes and even spiritual refocus. This class will highlight ways to meet these challenges with renewed vigor, growth and commitment.

Parenting Your Teen

Helpful parenting advice based on new understanding of the teenage brain. Learn what research is discovering about the sometimes exasperating and puzzling behavior of the teenager. Apply this knowledge in parenting and increase your enjoyment of these pivotal years in the life of your child.


A natural way to calm, soothe or energize. This is a hands on class for learning a natural way to de-stress your day. Participants will receive an aromatherapy sample to keep.

Sleepless in Denver

Helpful advice for getting enough sleep. We have all heard about getting 8 hours of sleep a night, but are you getting your REMs? Lack of sleep can have a great impact on our health and well-being. Learn natural ways to promote a restful night.

The Wellness Wheel

A useful tool for a life of balance. A life with optimal wellness is a life of balance in all areas, the physical, emotional, relational, intellectual and spiritual. Learn how to use the wellness wheel and do a life check-up.

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Being present to what is now. Come and learn to quiet the mind and direct your focus to the moment for better health! There truly is no time like the present.

Happiness and the New Positive Psychology

How to apply the research findings in your life. Researchers like Dr. Martin Seligman are finding new and surprising answers to the question of “what makes a person happy?”

The new research findings have implications for our mental and physical health and well-being.

Please contact Julie Uhernik for class information, to book classes for your organization, or attend a class in one of our local workshops..