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Counselor, Consultant, Speaker, Author. (303) 918-1775

For each day this month I am going to share some hints, some thoughts and good wishes for everyone to focus on  a Peaceful, Joyful and Fulfilling December!  Check this blog each day for these updates!


This past weekend I saw the new movie “Social Network” that just opened at movie theaters. It is the true (maybe with some poetic license) story of the founding of Facebook. The acting is top notch and the film is definitely a study of character(s). What I found so interesting is that while the movie focus is on start up of an online way to connect with others, the real life moments of the characters are bereft of connection. The star of the movie and his friends throw many celebratory parties and yet he never actually attends them. Another character has all the connections needed to suit his purposes, but doesn’t know or care about his underage girlfriends or friends. The movie scenery itself shows Harvard as a rather dark and gloomy (and lonely) place to be. This movie seems to touch on broader themes in our culture perhaps… if you have seen the movie, what do you think?

I would like to make a request to bloggers out there that might happen upon this blog. I am looking for information, perspective, and hints/advise for a parent of a soon to be peace corp volunteer going to Rwanda. My daughter is leaving next month. I am proud of her and excited for her to have this experience, but also nervous and naturally concerned about safety and her well-being. I know the peace corp has resources for families available but I thought it would be interesting to hear any perspectives you may have! Thanks in advance for your response(s).

Hello and Happy May Day!

Does anyone out there share memories of a delightful annual celebration of the first day of May?

Maybe it’s just a midwestern thing, but when I was a child we would put together a little “basket” (often just a paper cup with a ribbon handle) filled with flower(s) or candy. We would secretively decide who in the neighborhood could use a little cheer or who would be most surprised, and we would sneak to their front door, leave the basket, ring the doorbell and run. Really fast. We might stop to hide behind a tree to see when they came to the door. A kindler, gentler version of “doorbell ditch” perhaps, but lots of fun! When my children were little, we kept this tradition as well.

Seems like in this day when many don’t know their neighbors, how refreshing are those little acts of kindness and fun!

Happy May Day to you!

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This holiday season is quickly moving along and we will soon be in the longest and darkest day of the the year. Of course at that point we begin the slow and steady steps toward light… I wish for you all some quiet, reflective moments in the middle of all the bus(y)ness so that you can welcome the lighter days to come!   Happy Holiday and a Blessed 2010!