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Counselor, Consultant, Speaker, Author. (303) 918-1775

I started my morning looking at blog postings  from fans of the television show ER.  Not usual for me to allow myself to get distracted like that, but ER has been one of the few television shows I almost always watched.  As an interesting personal parallel about change,  it was a show that my grandmother (who is 96 years old) and I would always talk about and discuss the storyline and the characters.  I really enjoyed those moments of discussion and learning more about the thoughts of my grandmother! Despite the generation difference, she and I often looked at events (and TV shows) the same…. Today I will be  traveling to the small Nebraska town where my grandmother lives to help her move to a new apartment.  That’s right, new digs (changes) for my awesome grandma who will be 97 in July! !She is most excited and says that she is looking forward to having new appliances and seeing family who is coming to help her move.  I just think it is an interesting coincidence that her favorite TV show ends and she moves from the apartment she has lived in for ?? years to something new… I think she has really gotten the idea that nothing stays the same and change is the only constant….

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When you finally make the decision to seek help with counseling, you move forward despite many unknowns.  What will it be like, how can it help me sort things out, even whether I will have a comfortable place to sit and be… I have included a picture of  my counseling office to help give you one less unknown to ponder, I hope that you will find it a safe and comfortable place to be…

I recently read an amazing book entitled “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte-Taylor, Ph.D. Over a couple of weeks, several colleagues and friends kept recommending this book to me. Because so many were recommending it, I grabbed a copy. The book chronicles the experiences of a highly respected brain scientist who herself suffers a massive stroke affecting most of the left side of her brain. Even as the author’s capacity for language, her sense of self (ego) is slipping away, and her brain injury (stroke) progresses, she is able to become an inside observer of all she had spent her life and career to study. Despite the gravity of her physical condition, she finds herself in a blissful, peaceful and expansive “right brain” place. Her description is a spiritual journey which teaches her (and us) about being human.

This book should be read by all for its’ journey of hope and resiliency. It should also be read to teach and recognize (and act!) on the signs of a stroke:
S = SPEECH, or any problems with language
T = TINGLING, or any numbness in the body
R = REMEMBER, or any problems with memory
O = OFF BALANCE, problems with coordination
E = EYES, or any problem with vision

A New 4 week Divorce Recovery Group will be starting in Parker on January 22, 2009!

This group will offer support and information for persons going through divorce or relationship break-up. Issues that may be addressed in this small group setting include:

  • Common Experiences along the Journey through Divorce
  • Comfort through Chaos- Self Care
  • You are Not Alone- Support Systems through Divorce
  • Practical Concerns- Financial, Legal
  • Parenting through Divorce
  • Gains and Losses- Growth and Grief
  • and more!

This group will be facilitated by Julie Uhernik RN, LPC, NCC, a licensed professional counselor in Parker, Colorado.

Dates: January 22, 29 February 5 & 12 Time: 6:30-8 pm

Location: Parker United Methodist Church-11805 S. Pine Dr, Parker Colorado 80134

Childcare provided

Call 303-918-1775 for information or to sign up!

Aromatherapy classes will teach you a natural way to calm, soothe or energize! The subtle aromas of essential oils can affect your mood and feelings through your sense of smell. This is a hands on class for learning a natural way to de-stress your day! Participants will create several aromatherapy blends for personal use!

This class is offered through the Town of Parker-Colorado in the Mainstreet Center Dates: January 8, 15, 22, 29 Time 6:30- 7:30 For online registration and sign-up visit www.ParkerRec.com and select the online registration icon!