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Counselor, Consultant, Speaker, Author. (303) 918-1775

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Counselor, Consultant, Speaker, Author. (303) 918-1775

If you have had unipolar depression and want to be proactive in a way to be free of a relapse–this is the program for you!

A Way to Be Free–A Depression Relapse Prevention Program

This course in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression is available to the residents of the Castle Rock, Parker, Franktown and Elizabeth communities. The program, beginning in March, is an 8-week program of creating, experiencing and practicing mindfulness skills allowing practitioners to identify and relate skillfully to particular thought patterns that lead to depre ssion. The approach trains the mind to pay attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and without judgment. See www.awaytobeherenow.com for details.

I will be a part of a panel of experts dealing with grief and loss. It starts at 7:00, there will be a breakout time at the end for questions and answers and several different types of resources available. For a map to PUMC go to their website here: http://www.parkerumc.org




Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Julie Uhernik and I am a Counselor and an RN in private practice in Parker, CO. It is my career, and I believe my calling, to support and encourage people in creating the very best for their lives. Whether it is getting back on track, or even figuring out if there is a track at all, I am honored when I am able to assist!

Indeed, the work I do gives me support and engages me in my own growth and journey as well. I would love to share with you some thoughts on topics that I find interesting and that make me think.

I Hope you will join me regularly!


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Learning to Fly after the Empty Nest

The graduation hugs and well wishes are showered on young people as they head off into a new future and independent (semi?) life. Parents sit back, catch their breath and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Somewhere in these moments, many parents realize that their active role as a parent is fading, and a new definition of self is emerging to take its place. As with all changes in life, and our general human tendency to resist change, we often sit in a time that is uncomfortable and full of uncertainty. If approached with vision and clear thinking, this can be a fantastic time of personal growth.

Here are some steps you can take to help reacquaint yourself to who you are (in case it got lost in the mommy or daddy shuffle) to optimize growth, and to clarify the direction for your future. First, it is helpful to create a ritual that formally honors the change you are going through. This can be something simple, or more elaborate (we have wonderful graduation parties for our children, how about a get together with other soon- to- be empty nesters)? This can be a great way to reinforce those connections with adults who you always wanted to get to know a little better, but really only had time to talk to in between kids soccer games. Or, maybe a more introspective ritual would help, such as putting together a hopes and dreams scrapbook, with all your thoughts and wishes for your future, or writing your thoughts in a journal.

For those who are action minded, you can take up that hobby you always wanted to try, or perhaps climb your first Colorado fourteener! Whatever you chose, honoring this life change, allowing a few tears and reminisces, and then facing squarely ahead to the future. As a wise parent once told me, “The world is your oyster, go search for the pearl”!