Month: January 2009

Recommended Reading

By adminjosh / January 28, 2009 /

I recently read an amazing book entitled “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte-Taylor, Ph.D. Over a couple of weeks, several colleagues and friends kept recommending this book to me. Because so many were recommending it, I grabbed a copy. The book chronicles the experiences of a highly respected brain scientist who herself suffers a…

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Divorce Recovery Groups

By adminjosh / January 8, 2009 /

A New 4 week Divorce Recovery Group will be starting in Parker on January 22, 2009! This group will offer support and information for persons going through divorce or relationship break-up. Issues that may be addressed in this small group setting include: Common Experiences along the Journey through Divorce Comfort through Chaos- Self Care You…

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