A New Decade?

Wow, today as I was hurrying around as usual, an article in a magazine (that was laying around unread) caught my eye. The title was something about the “Depressing Decade”. It pointed out that shortly after the new millenium came 9/11 and all kinds of changes like war, a focus on terrorism, political division in the country, and ending on economic distress and anxiousness of many people. I have to say that I had not even realized that the decade was ending (even though I occasionally still write some checks with the 2010 date:) It has been such a packed full decade for me personally. I can’t believe those calendar pages and markers of time are changing! I hope to slow down somehow in the last few weeks of the decade, to write down my own personal timeline of events to remember, and to pause to place my intentions and thoughts firmly ahead for this moment and the coming “two thousand teens”. How about you?

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