What Intentions have you set for this Holiday season?

Most of us have intentions. What do I mean by intentions? Some think of intentions as the plans we make. Others may see intentions as hopes and desires. We may ‘intend’ to put up the Christmas tree next weekend, or to bake a favorite recipe for that Christmas party. Some of us make a list of our plans (intentions) and call it our to-do list.

What if we think of “intention” in a much bigger way?
What if our intentions are similar to our hopes and longings? The hopes that we carry deep in our heart?
In Christian tradition, the time leading up to Christmas is called Advent. It is a time to prepare our hearts (set intention) to be ready for quiet miracles that might be missed if not for having set the intention to see them. Other traditions also set intention, especially during the deep time of winter. Daily life slows down, families tell stories and share traditions around the fire or the kitchen table. The unspoken intention is to assure that the values and meaning that they hold close are preserved for generations to come.
Have you thought about your intentions this Holiday season? What do you hope to see, think, do or experience? How will you honor your intention?

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