Hello everyone. This past September I was in Mississippi working as a mental health responder for the American Red Cross in Hurricane Katrina relief. This experience had a great impact on my life in ways I could not have foreseen. In thinking back, the people I met and their responses to the difficult, even near impossible aspects of their experiences renewed long standing beliefs that I have as a counselor. Specifically, that people often find within themselves the strength they need to cope, that a persons’ pre-existing beliefs about themselves and the world will play a big part in how they deal with a situation, and finally that people can learn to examine their beliefs and focus on those that will help them cope in difficult times.

Increasing attention is given to the notion of “Resilience” and “Positive Psychology”. By building on strengths and assets, people can better respond in the face of everyday life stress and even major calamities they are sometimes faced with. I plan to write more about resilience and assets at a later time, but for now I would love to know your thoughts.

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