Response to Concerned Mom

Hello Concerned Mom,

Thank you for writing. First of all, I would ask some questions of you regarding this situation. You mentioned that the girls’ mom is aware of the problem. Do you know if she has taken any action toward seeking assistance for her daughter? Perhaps a good starting place would be for you to gently express your observation or concerns to the girl’s mother.

Anorexia Nervosa is a disorder in which a person experiences the loss of more than 15% of body weight which occurs as a deliberate result of a distortion of body image. Anorexia can be a serious, life threatening disorder. Early diagnosis and intervention offers the best chance for recovery. It is important that professional help be sought immediately and include a physical exam by a physician and a psychological evaluation. Mentioning this to the girls’ mother may help. Also, please talk with your own daughter to help her understand ways she can help her friend. This would include providing support, encouragement and a listening ear for her friend, leaving the rest to the trained professional.

For further information on eating disorders, check out the following websites: or

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