Stress(less) for the Holidays

Stress(less) for the Holidays!

S unlight Take a five minute outdoor break. Sunlight can help fight the low light wintertime “blues”.

T ake time Take fifteen minutes a day just for you and guard that time carefully

R est Maintain routine hours of sleep.

E xpectations Make a list of all your “shoulds” and your “have-ta’s” then ask yourself “Who says?”

S ensible eating Allow yourself treats but pace yourself

S pending limits Set your gift ideas before you shop and stick with it

L augh Find humor in the middle of frantic. Relax, don’t take it so serious!

E xercise After the big meal, take a walk! You will burn more calories if you walk right away.

S mall gifts Think of gifts that are small but meaningful, example: write a story for your child, making him/her the hero, then read or tell your story to them on Christmas Eve.

S pirit Consider what the real Spirit of the Holidays means to you.

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