STRESS LESS for the Holidays

Stress Less During the Holidays

Sunlight Take a five minute outdoor break. Sunlight can help fight the low light wintertime “blues”.
Take time Take fifteen minutes a day just for you and guard that time carefully.
Rest Maintain routine hours of sleep.
Expectations Make a list of all your “shoulds” and your “have-ta’s” then ask yourself “Who says?”
Sensible eating Allow yourself treats but pace yourself.
Spending limits Set your gift ideas before you shop and stick with it.

Laugh Find humor in the middle of frantic. Relax, don’t take it so serious!
Exercise After the big meal, take a walk! You will burn more calories if you walk right away.
Small gifts Think of gifts that are small but meaningful, example: write a story for your child, making him/her the hero, then read or tell your story to them on Christmas Eve.
Spirit Consider what the real Spirit of the Holidays means to you.

Great Tips during the Holidays and for the rest of the year as well.

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