STRESS LESS for the Holidays

By adminjosh / December 16, 2006 /

Stress Less During the Holidays Sunlight Take a five minute outdoor break. Sunlight can help fight the low light wintertime “blues”.Take time Take fifteen minutes a day just for you and guard that time carefully.Rest Maintain routine hours of sleep.Expectations Make a list of all your “shoulds” and your “have-ta’s” then ask yourself “Who says?”Sensible…

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By adminjosh / May 3, 2006 /

Hello everyone. This past September I was in Mississippi working as a mental health responder for the American Red Cross in Hurricane Katrina relief. This experience had a great impact on my life in ways I could not have foreseen. In thinking back, the people I met and their responses to the difficult, even near…

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Response to Concerned Mom

By adminjosh / December 20, 2005 /

Hello Concerned Mom, Thank you for writing. First of all, I would ask some questions of you regarding this situation. You mentioned that the girls’ mom is aware of the problem. Do you know if she has taken any action toward seeking assistance for her daughter? Perhaps a good starting place would be for you…

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By adminjosh / December 19, 2005 /

Hi Julie, I’m a concerned Mom of a 16 year old girl that has a 17 year old friend who has been loosing weight rapidly lately….. Had a very tiny little figure to start with, but doesn’t see that when she looks in the mirror…. Her Mom is aware of the problem… but I would…

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By adminjosh / November 11, 2005 /

Hello, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Julie Uhernik and I am a Counselor and an RN in private practice in Parker, CO. It is my career, and I believe my calling, to support and encourage people in creating the very best for their lives. Whether it is getting back on track, or…

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