A New Decade?

By adminjosh / December 7, 2010 /

Wow, today as I was hurrying around as usual, an article in a magazine (that was laying around unread) caught my eye. The title was something about the “Depressing Decade”. It pointed out that shortly after the new millenium came 9/11 and all kinds of changes like war, a focus on terrorism, political division in…

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Lift your Voice!

By adminjosh / December 5, 2010 /

Today is a day that I get to join in one of my very favorite things! Every year there is a community sing version of Handel’s messiah that is performed with orchestra at the church I attend. It is so amazing to sing such an incredibly joyful piece of music. Just think of all the…

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Stress(less) for the Holidays

By adminjosh / December 4, 2010 /

Stress(less) for the Holidays! S unlight Take a five minute outdoor break. Sunlight can help fight the low light wintertime “blues”. T ake time Take fifteen minutes a day just for you and guard that time carefully R est Maintain routine hours of sleep. E xpectations Make a list of all your “shoulds” and your…

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Seasonal tips for a Healthy Holiday

By adminjosh / December 2, 2010 /

Today’s blog will share some simple, energizing remedies to help you enjoy this wintery season! 1) Getting enough sleep- The cold weather and increased darkness of winter is our cue to coccoon, settle in, and hibernate a little (bears have the right idea)! The reality though is late night parties, stores tempting with 5 AM…

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By adminjosh / December 1, 2010 /

What Intentions have you set for this Holiday season? Most of us have intentions. What do I mean by intentions? Some think of intentions as the plans we make. Others may see intentions as hopes and desires. We may ‘intend’ to put up the Christmas tree next weekend, or to bake a favorite recipe for…

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Some sweet thoughts to begin your Holiday Season

By adminjosh / November 30, 2010 /

For each day this month I am going to share some hints, some thoughts and good wishes for everyone to focus on  a Peaceful, Joyful and Fulfilling December!  Check this blog each day for these updates!

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Observations and Ironies

By adminjosh / October 7, 2010 /

This past weekend I saw the new movie “Social Network” that just opened at movie theaters. It is the true (maybe with some poetic license) story of the founding of Facebook. The acting is top notch and the film is definitely a study of character(s). What I found so interesting is that while the movie…

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Peace Corp

By adminjosh / September 24, 2010 /

I would like to make a request to bloggers out there that might happen upon this blog. I am looking for information, perspective, and hints/advise for a parent of a soon to be peace corp volunteer going to Rwanda. My daughter is leaving next month. I am proud of her and excited for her to…

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First day of May

By adminjosh / May 1, 2010 /

Hello and Happy May Day! Does anyone out there share memories of a delightful annual celebration of the first day of May? Maybe it’s just a midwestern thing, but when I was a child we would put together a little “basket” (often just a paper cup with a ribbon handle) filled with flower(s) or candy.…

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Holiday Wishes

By adminjosh / December 17, 2009 /

This holiday season is quickly moving along and we will soon be in the longest and darkest day of the the year. Of course at that point we begin the slow and steady steps toward light… I wish for you all some quiet, reflective moments in the middle of all the bus(y)ness so that you…

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